About us

ELVY website represents the wide variety of design works, authored works and products of limited edition.

Our team consists of professional designers, tailors, jewelry makers and other professionals who have deep knowledge of their work. Therefore we carefully choose every detail and work hard to make it perfect. We introduce our works all over the world. No matter where you live, we can deliver the desired Art Elvyra accessory to any point of the world.

We create and produce:

  • accessories for men and women (handbags, cosmetic bags, cases, media accessories);
  • interior decorations (paintings, miniatures, digital art, glass decoration);
  • headscarves, scarfs, blankets, textile art;
  • gifts and gift sets for men, women, children and young people.

We offer special conditions for our business clients! Our company „ELVY“ has many years of experience in design field and can recommend the original solution specially for you.

Our approach to the environment. Elvy continuously improves the quality of production and seeks to reduce its actvity's impact on the environment.

 We are responsible for waste sorting, handling and recycling. We choose safe and environmentally less hazardous materials and
try to ensure that our company‘s activity would comply with the environmental requirements and standards. We send the environmental message to our customers and partners. We feel responsible for the clean world.

Write us [email protected] and we prepare the special offer for you.

Thank you for trusting us!

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